Wará Guayusa was born in May 2019 with a suitcase full of dreams, motivations, uncertainties and 10 kg of samples which were meant to be delivered to the potential buyers between Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Berlin. In this first difficult, but at the same time wonderful trip, we (Marcelo from Ecuador and Natalia from Poland) were brought together by the amazing magic of Guayusa in a hostel in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

In August 2019 and with a clearer and more concise vision of our potential buyers, we decided to make the first export of 500 kg to Europe, despite the contradictions and difficulties we did it. Although we are gradually increasing and obtaining greater coverage in the international market, we consider ourselves a small business that aspires to enhance the flavors and aromas of Ecuador around the world and above all, delighting the most demanding palates with our Guayusa and our blends.

'Wará Guayusa was born as an Ecuadorian micro-enterprise that seeks to value, promote and position Guayusa and other native species of the traditional Chakra agroforestry system of the indigenous communities of the Amazon in the national and international market, through the fusion of their different flavors and aromas.'

Generate economic sustainability

Generate economic sustainability that will influence the improvement of the living standards of producers in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

develop fair and equitable value chains

Develop fair and equitable value chains, prevailing values ​​and equality among all the actors that intercede in them.

diversify ecuadorian exportable value offer

Diversify the exportable value offer of products from Ecuador.

open international markets

Establish and open international markets prioritizing the entry of foreign currency and the continuous improvement of the Ecuadorian economy.

use of native ecuadorian species

Encourage the use of native species and typical of the Amazon region of Ecuador for its distinction worldwide.


Wará's mission is to inspire wellness and health to consumers, guiding the production of infusions that will thus contribute to the sustainable development of the livelihoods of the indigenous communities of Ecuador and to the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, promoting food sovereignty with world-class and quality products.


Wará aims to be an outstanding company that is positioned in different markets, preserving its prestige through quality and well-being in its range of products. Thus meeting the needs of the growing world demand with clean and sustainable production.